Before Taking The LSAT Here's What You Need To Do

Before Taking The LSAT Here’s What You Need To Do

Are you taking the LSAT? Is your exam date just around the corner? Are your nerves starting to get the best of you? You’ve been preparing for this moment for a while, and feeling anxious is completely normal. However, keep in mind that what you do during the last couple of hours before your exam can be very influential on your LSAT test score. To the best or worst, that is.

With that being said, here is a list of things you should be doing before taking the LSAT:

1. Fuel Your Mind for the LSAT

Believe it or not, the type of food you put in your body can affect your performance on your exam day. Food is what feeds the mind, and giving your mind and body energy is key. But not just any food, but rather nutritious, and healthy foods. You want to be eating food that will fuel your mind just enough to keep your focus game on. Concentrate on eating foods like eggs, oatmeal, nuts, or fruits. You want to be energized and well-fed so that you can be able to think properly. Thus, nuts and fruits are the perfect energy snacks, with just the right amount of natural sugar and fibers. During the duration of your LSAT prep, a lot of energy was absorbed by your brain, so you have to accommodate and replace all the calories used up. But beware, you do not want to eat heavy, greasy food that could upset your stomach on the day of your exam. Keep it light and simple. And do not forget to stay hydrated. 

2. Refresh Your Memory for the LSAT

Going over your notes can help you remember some of the problems that you found difficult or approached incorrectly during your LSAT prep. By doing this revision, you will be reminded of the appropriate solution pathways for each problem you revise, as well as the ins and outs of your LSAT exam. You want to keep this simple and short though. Do not overdo the revision. Make sure you get some rest and clear your mind before your LSAT. Revise just a couple of questions that you think can help you refresh and restore your memory.

3. Approach the Exam as an LSAT Winner

Regardless of how you perform during your exam, you are a winner. Imagine yourself with that score you wanted. Take the LSAT exam with the mindset that you got that targeted score. You will then approach the LSAT with confidence and assertiveness. The energy you put into this exam is the energy you will get in return. So let that energy you receive be positive and warm. 

4. Bonus Tip – Rest 

Rest, rest, and rest. While resting, your mind and body take the time to recharge and restore, and that is very important for your ability to focus and do amazing during your LSAT. You have to keep in mind that overworking yourself right before your exam will not do you any favor. Now is the time for you to give yourself some break after those sleepless nights and constant work you have been doing for a while now. 


To Conclude

With the right steps taken before taking the LSAT, you are bound to feel at ease and confident to smash the exam. Take care of your mind and body, as they are the only things that can serve you on the day of your LSAT exam. Your hard work and dedication during your LSAT prep will pay off after giving yourself the chance to rest and recharge. 


Contributor: Lilas Al-Sammak

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