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Ace Your LSAT Writing – 3 Simple Steps

The LSAT writing sample is the section of the exam that has no effect on your total score. You might be wondering, why is it even a section on the LSAT then? Your LSAT writing section, along with your total exam scores, will be sent to the law schools you are applying to. The time spent preparing for this section will definitely be worth it when the admissions officers of your desired law school are impressed by your writing abilities.

By following these 3 simple steps, you are guaranteed an impressive result on the LSAT writing section.

1. Plan your next step

After reading the given prompt, allow yourself to gather your thoughts and sketch out what you want your outline to look like. This whole process should take up to 15 minutes. All you have to do is figure out what main ideas you want to touch upon, organize them in a logical manner by making a list, and briefly mention the sub-ideas you want to talk about within the main ideas. Having clarity and being able to translate your thoughts to words is one of the main factors that are game-changing. With that said, your essay will for sure flow beautifully and have a logical and organized structure. You cannot make your readers understand what is written if you, the writer, do not fully understand your thoughts and know what you want to write about. If you don’t manage to do that you will have a hard time making a successful LSAT writing section.

2. Know your facts

Make sure you are sticking to the given criteria. No matter how wonderful your essay was, if it includes external facts and unnecessary information, it no longer fits within the required parameters. Coming up with facts to try to make your essay more convincing will only backfire and make your essay the exact opposite: Not so convincing. Utilizing external input, from outside the prompt, the essay will no longer be as persuasive as you want it to be. External arguments can be made when linked to the original prompt only.  

3. Practice makes perfect

Just because the LSAT writing section is not “scored”, it does not mean that it is of less value than the other sections of the exam. So make sure that you spend enough time preparing for it. When making a study plan for the LSAT exam, assign days when you are going to work on the writing section as well. In this way, you can take sample exams, test out your style, and find ways to improve it. With a bit of the tips and tricks from the practice exams, you will have the LSAT writing section in your pocket. 


To Review

Your LSAT writing sample can be the decider when it comes to your acceptance to law schools, so do not underestimate it and its significance. With a little practice and concentration, you are more than capable of impressing everyone with your writing abilities. If you are looking for support, our LSAT tutors are here to help. Sign up for your free consultation session now. 


Contributor: Lilas Al-Sammak

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