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Helpful LSAT Links To Get You Started

So, you want to go to Law School. You have already taken time to research various law programs and schools and perhaps you have your heart set on a big-name school. The next hurdle awaits you: The Law School Admissions Test, or more commonly known as the LSAT. Below we list some of the most important LSAT links. 

But how do you prepare?

1) Get your baseline. Take a practice LSAT exam before you begin studying. While it is a good idea to study all subjects, knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are is vital to mastering the LSAT. You can take the practice LSAT exam HERE.

2) After having taken your practice exam you should have a better grasp on what areas require the most studying. Keep in mind that even if you excel on one part of the exam, it is still a good idea to continue practicing those sections.

3) Schedule your LSAT exam. So, you have begun studying and you’re getting a better grasp on the content of the LSAT. Now it is time to schedule your LSAT exam. Look up what to expect on exam day HERE. We recommend signing up through this LSAT link HERE no earlier than three months before the test day. This gives you time to really nail down the key components of the exam. 

4) Lastly, get yourself a private LSAT tutor. Your LSAT score isn’t just there to get you admitted to a top tier Law school. Your score can help you land scholarships that lighten the burden of tuition costs. In addition, your score may help you with your career search as many employers look at the LSAT scores of potential candidates when assessing applications. It is important that you invest early in your LSAT preparation. It will pay off in the long run! APEX offers a 30-minute complimentary call with an instructor. If you are interested in scheduling a time, click HERE

5) The day of testing has arrived. It’s okay to be nervous. Be sure to arrive early (if you are taking the exam onsite). As official testing can take upwards of three hours make sure you have gone through the LSAT testing checklist to see what you can bring to the exam. HERE is a comprehensive list of what is and isn’t allowed on test day.

Contributor: Dana Coggio

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