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How Those Who Score 165+ On The LSAT Actually Do It

You’re on your LSAT journey, and your exam is a few weeks away. You start talking to people who went through the same experience as you, and you look for some answers. You notice that many people have scored 165+ on the LSAT, and you start to doubt yourself, wondering if you are also capable of achieving that score. Of course, everyone aiming to take the LSAT exam will want the highest score possible. And, as you could guess, this is no easy task.

So, how do those people who score 165+ on the LSAT actually do it?

Is it because of their study plan? The critical-thinking skills they learned even before starting to prepare for the LSAT? Is it just genetics? Are some people born to excel in exams? 
To say you want to score 165+ is just the beginning of actually achieving one. You need to have a long-term plan in mind and be ready to face some challenges. First of all, you need to figure out what LSAT score the university you’re applying to actually wants. If the average is 150, you’ll probably have a good chance of getting in with a 150! Thus, scoring 165+ isn’t always a necessity for getting into your dream school. Do your research first. Then you can start implementing a plan for achieving a 165+ LSAT score. Be warned, before you is a rocky road. Those who do score 165+ do not just say they want the score. They work hard and organize their time efficiently to get where they want to.

  1. Start with a diagnostic LSAT test

Take a test before you start your journey, see what the LSAT is all about and how it is structured. Look at your score, and from there, you can already tell which sections you need to work on. This way, you have a baseline on what you need to do.

  1. Know how long studying for the LSAT will take

It is crucial to manage your time in a way where you can complete your study plan in time. Each person is different in the way they comprehend things. Thus, it would help if you were realistic about how much time it will take to be ready. Maybe it will take you 130+ hours, or even 300+. You need to know YOUR abilities and track your time.

  1. Be consistent with your LSAT plan

Those who score 165+ do not change their study plan each week. You need to stick to a specific book/material/group study so that you do not go off track! But be flexible to change things up if you are realizing that something isn’t working for you. We are all unique learners.

  1. Create a board for time allocation

Know how much time you’re going to spend on each section. For example, “I have to spend no more than 3 hours a day on quant, two on verbal, etc.”. Try to use online whiteboards or create a mood board for yourself so that it is easier to track and remind yourself of your LSAT plan.

  1. Get to know your LSAT mistakes and improve them

It is very crucial to take note of your LSAT mistakes and try to improve them. It is one thing to know your mistake and just move on, and another to actually work on it and make sure it does not happen again. You have to track your progress, and learning from your mistakes is the best way to go!

  1. Learn from other LSAT test takers

Listen to successful people who got 165+ on the LSAT, try to take each piece of advice from each one, and you’ll come up with your own. It is essential to learn from others’ mistakes as well as your own. See what they did, how they did it, what it took them to get there. Be curious and ask questions, always. As Steve Jobs once said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

  1. Take LSAT mock tests

At last, LSAT mock tests are your friend! Take them as much as you can, and you’ll more or less know where you stand.

To conclude, it is easier said than done to score 165+ on the LSAT. It works differently with different people, so make sure to try as best as you can to learn from others, and more importantly, from yourself as well. If you would like to start with a tutor, check out our tutors at APEX LSAT to help get you started. Most successful LSAT test takers hire a private tutor to push them past the 165+ mark. Private tutoring is shown to be efficient and effective. You can take a look at this article about private tutors and why you should consider hiring them.

Contributor: Sarin Sulahian

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