LSAT Writing Sample Tips

LSAT Writing Sample Tips – How To Write The Perfect LSAT Essay

What is the LSAT Writing Sample?

The LSAT writing sample is a 35-minute ungraded essay on the LSAT. You will receive a prompt and be asked to argue one of two sides. This section tests how well you can support an argument and dismiss the opposing side (an important skill to learn if you want to become a lawyer). Despite it being ungraded, it will be sent to every law school that receives your LSAT scores and could be an extra boost in your admissions process.

The LSAT writing sample may seem like a minor and unimportant detail of the exam when we compare it to the other sections. Many law school admissions teams may not pay too much attention to the writing sample and rarely evaluate students on their performance. Nevertheless, excelling in this section of the LSAT isn’t difficult, it can be achieved by following a few simple steps, and can prove to be rewarding in the end. Here are 5 LSAT Writing Sample tips to help you perfect that last section of the exam.


1. Take a Breath

You have reached the end of the LSAT and you have gone through every other section. Now, you just have to get through the writing sample. Test day is exhausting but it is important to push through the final section. After reading the prompt make sure you take a moment to organize your thoughts. Make a quick outline of the points you want to cover because once you start writing, the last thing you want to do is regret what you have said in your essay and try and change it halfway through.

2. Stay Organized 

The LSAT writing sample is only 35 minutes long, so it is important to get as much of your argument as possible on the page. Create a quick outline or list of the points you want to cover. While you’re writing make sure to stay on track with these points. It can be difficult to write both a qualitative and lengthy article, but if you keep your thoughts organized, your writing will be organized. And of course, make sure to follow the rest of these LSAT writing sample tips.

3. Pick a Side 

There is no right or wrong answer to the prompt – you are simply trying to support an argument. The prompt is designed to be argued from either side. Do not waste time trying to pick an argument as you only have 35 minutes. The test makers are not looking for the right answer, just one that has the proper support and the proper amount of writing behind it. Don’t waste precious time. Pick the side that you find easiest to defend and write.

4. Stick with the Prompt 

Do not go off-topic. It can be tempting to flex your knowledge, especially if the prompt is something that you could be passionate about. You may be tempted to bring in outside information, but this is not the point. Try and construct the best-crafted argument with the information at your disposal, with the prompt. 

5. Trust Yourself 

It is important with such a short time window to not doubt yourself and your ability. Write with confidence and conviction. Don’t hesitate, just write. Remember, you are trying to fill the page. Once you start, don’t stop. Although it is important to stay organized and to keep yourself on track, remember this is an argument and it is important to trust your position and your side. 


Where to Go Next

The LSAT writing sample is just one section of the entire exam. Honestly, it doesn’t matter as much as the actual graded parts of the exam. So, prepping for these sections should take precedence. Regardless, the LSAT writing sample is an easy component to do well on in the LSAT and could make a difference in the admissions process. Make sure to prepare accordingly and on test day push through in this last section by following these LSAT writing sample tips.  


Contributor: Lukas Duncan 

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