Who Are We?

Founded in 2008, Apex aimed to make test preparation personal. We offer elite LSAT tutoring focused not only on helping clients achieve their desired scores, but to set them up for long term success in law school and beyond. Our team consists of instructors with 175+ LSAT scores, but more importantly deep interpersonal teaching skills.

Meet the Team


Mike Diamond

Co-Founder and Director of Curriculum Development

Mike is Apex’s Head of Instruction and Director of Curriculum Development. Mike has a diverse background, from campaigns, Wall Street, and the classroom. At Apex, he develops instruction that is designed to be customized to the cognitive profiles of each of our clients, while recognizing and addressing the psychological and emotional components of the LSAT as well. 


James Armstrong

Senior Instructor

James loves teaching and derives great satisfaction from helping students overcome the academic and emotional hurdles that stand between them and their goals. He has experience as a writing coach and English tutor in Europe, and has been involved with advising numerous students along their paths.


Fatma Xhafa

Engagement Manager

Fatma is part of the Apex team as the Academic Engagement Manager. She has completed degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. She has experience in several customer service roles as well as team management and leadership. As an Engagement Manager, she manages the communication between staff and clients and monitors client activity, handles invoicing and sales to provide a positive experience for our clients.

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