One-On-One LSAT Tutoring

Why Choose One-On-One LSAT Tutoring

Achieving a great score on the LSAT is necessary to be considered for a spot in the top law school. So it is in your best interests to prepare for the test in the best manner possible. When it comes to LSAT prep, there are a variety of options on the market, from self prep to online classes and private instruction. The method you select is a personal choice and is based on factors such as your needs, budget, and learning style. One-on-one LSAT tutoring is undoubtedly the best way to prepare for the LSAT if you are aiming to achieve an elite score and obtain acceptance to a top law program. There are various factors that make this prep option integral to not only attaining a high score on the test but also achieving in law school.

1. Customized Learning

With a one-on-one LSAT tutor, instructors focus on teaching you what you don’t know or might find challenging rather than what you already know. Often in larger settings, tutors will have to go over materials that you are already confident in, resulting in periods of time where you have nothing to do and are bored in your prep. This can also derail your LSAT prep goals and in some cases confuse you about the skills that you already know.

Furthermore, your brain works differently from someone else, therefore, your go-to problem-solving methods will be different. When tackling a test like the LSAT, which involves utilizing creative thinking and unique problem-solving skills it is beneficial to have a tutor to help you identify new approaches that might be easier for you, as well as to heighten the skills that you already possess. Having the versatility and focus to go over different explanations and methods to tackle specific problems in a group setting is often overlooked due to time constraints and the rigidity of the course material.

The main benefit of one-on-one LSAT instruction is that the lessons, self prep, schedule, and infrastructure for successful studying are customized around you and your needs in order to achieve LSAT success.

2. Pace

Preparing for the LSAT can take between 90-120 days, but with private instruction, prep goals can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. Albeit, this is dependent on your starting skills and dedication. With personalized instruction, your time will be used more efficiently and effectively. Lessons can be targeted to topics you need improvement on and can be changed according to your style of learning. Go as slow or as fast as you need, and spend as much time improving on whichever section of the LSAT you require assistance with. With the guidance of an instructor, you can accomplish all this while avoiding the typical LSAT prep traps.

3. Flexibility

Private tutoring gives you the flexibility to study on your own schedule. So if you are a full-time employee, student, or have other responsibilities to work around, one-on-one instruction can be tailored to those needs. This is why Apex has tutors across the globe who can fulfill your tutoring needs in any time zone.

4. LSAT Intangibles

Great test performance does not just encompass the material that you have to learn, but also entails intangibles such as test anxiety, sleeping habits, and more. Making sure that you eat right and get enough sleep may seem like a trivial matter but they can have effects on your focus and hinder the time in which you achieve prep goals. 

Apex Instructors know the ins and outs of the LSAT and this includes covering all these intangibles. If you already know all the material to achieve a great LSAT score, you don’t want to get to the test and sabotage your score by bringing your stress along. This is another key way that one on one tutoring can help you be certain that when test day comes around, nothing stands in the way of you and your dream LSAT score.

5. Scoring Plateaus

Each level of scoring on the LSAT requires you to have certain skills. Therefore, if you want to score in the 170 range instead of the 150s or 160s, you will have to do things differently. LSAT preppers often find themselves hitting a plateau around the higher 160s, failing to break the 170 mark. This is mainly due to limited understanding of the LSAT and its requirements to score at this high level. 

Working with an instructor will give you the opportunity to add new skills to your toolbox to help you think like an LSAT test writer and not a test taker. That way you can understand what each question is really asking you to do. With these new techniques and mind frame, you can cut down on solving time and quickly identify what is needed to answer each question. This is where self prep often fails and the best way to overcome this hindrance is to seek the help of someone who is an expert on the test.  


Apex instructors have not only scored 175 or better on the LSAT but also have extensive teaching backgrounds. Due to this, they have successfully shepherded countless clients from middling scores to 170s and above on the LSAT. To take advantage of our free 30 minute LSAT consultation call with a 175+ scoring instructor visit: Inquire Now


Contributor: Natalie Mathews

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